Upcoming Shul Events

Sukkah Decorating  Join our Hebrew school and the MFJC youth in decorating the shul Sukkah and making decorations for your own Sukkah. Tuesday, September 29th, 5:30pm. 

Sukkot Kiddush/Lunch  The entire community is invited to Rav Menashe and Donna’s Sukkah, weather permitting, on Shabbat morning, October 3rd, immediately after shul. There’s room for Everyone! Guests are welcome. 1 Nuko Terrace. No need to RSVP. 

Sisterhood Sukkah Hop & Men's Club Scotch Tasting:  Tuesday October 6th, 2009.

Mark your calendars and notify the Shul office that you will attend these fun events.  Sisterhood will meet at Shul for hors d'oeuvre at 7:00PM and continue to the Sukkah at Sherry Pollack's home for Dinner and then to Faye Okun's home for Desserts.  Open to all synagogue women.  Cost:  Advance notice & payment:  $30 if RSVP by Sept 28th, $35 if RSVP after Sept. 28th, $40 at the door.  $5 extra for non-members.  The Men's Club will meet at Steve Okun's Sukkah for the annual Single Malt Scotch Tasting event.  The two groups will conclude the evening together with desserts and song and the MFJC newly formed musical troupe. 

Bagels and Bubbe Maisehs Sunday Morning, 9am, at the Shul. Come to study the classic stories of our sages and how those tales speak to us today, while we nosh on a light bagel breakfast. This class will meet every Sunday, beginning October 18. All levels are welcome. 

Tefillati, My Prayer: Making sense of the Siddur Tuesday Evenings, 8pm, at the Shul. This participatory class will explore the basics of prayer, investigate the meaning of our communal practices and will allow you to ask questions you’ve always thought, but never asked…Open to all levels, beginning October 20th .


Sisterhood Paid-up Membership Dinner:  Wednesday, October 28th, 2009. Paid-up Membership Dinner and Sell your Unwanted Gold.  Open to current Sisterhoodmembers and any woman who wishes to join!  Chaired by Martha Moritz.

PLEASE RSVP to the Shul Office ASAP! 

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